Journey to C (book)

Cover Page (Journey to C)

Publisher: Mahajan Publishing House
Page Count: 450
ISBN:  81-89050-35-4

This book is currently prescribed as text and reference book for C Programming in many colleges in India.

The book consists of 18 chapters and 7 appendix’s covering basics of C programming, application based C programming and advanced topics like communication through C.

The book is divided into five parts. Part I titled as “Fundamentals of C” covers the basics of programming using C Language. In this section, the reader understands the nuts and bolts of C language. This covers topics such as Variables, Constants and Operators, Input and Output Functions, Looping, Decision Making, Functions and Arrays.

Part II “Application Based C” explores fundamental, application-related subjects such as Pointers, Structures, File Management, Graphics and Dynamic Memory Allocation. This section is very important for those who wish to use C Language for practical and real world applications.

Part III “Communication & Interrupts” covers both Serial and Parallel communication, Interrupts and Mouse Programming. This section is for those who want to implement hardware cum software interfaces, as well as usage of mouse in their applications, and want to interact with BIOS.

Part IV “C Codes” is where you will find the library of ready-to-use C Codes useful to build your custom utilities and applications.

Copyright Notice:

This book is Copyrighted to Puneet Ghanshani and distribution of any material without his acceptance will be violation of the Copyright Act. Any one found doing so, shall be dealt with legal laws.

Salient Features

  • Lucid Explanation supported by 78 comprehensive tables, 42 figures and 176 solved examples!
  • 544 Unsolved Questions
  • Presents even advanced concepts like Communication, Interrupts and BIOS Calls in an easy to understand and newbie-friendly manner.
  • Entire Source Code on Companion Disk
  • Adheres to the syllabus of most of the colleges in India
  • Background titled boxes for beginners, Note and Warning titled boxes providing helpful hints and precautions to be taken care of
  • Ready-to-use source codes for making small applications