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Dynamic Theme in Silverlight 3

less than 1 minute read

One of the features of WPF that we might be keen in implementing in Silverlight is changing the themes dynamically at runtime.  So let us understand how to a...

Floating Container in Silverlight

1 minute read

This is an implementation of a container that can be moved, dragged within the scope of a Silverlight Application.  Currently, the FloatingContainer is deriv...

Call me hell!

less than 1 minute read

Call me hell!</p> by Puneet Ghanshani Here I stood, cries the mountain, Here the birds chirped, Leaves talked about the breeze, Heaven envied the earth...

VectorLight and Silverlight

less than 1 minute read

Lots of tutorials (using OpenSource VectorLight) covering most of the new Silverlight 4 features including the new COM interop functionality allowing your Si...

On Twitter

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