Open Source

All Open Source frameworks / tools are hosted on CodePlex website with their source code.  CodePlex forums of these open source frameworks are actively monitored for any discussions or issues raised.  You will find lot of code samples on this website and usage examples as well. Feel free to download them and distribute as per the license terms associated with these frameworks / tools.


KonfDB, designed and developed by Puneet Ghanshani, is a complete open-source solution to configuration management for multi-tenant applications hosted on any platform. You can now get rid of your XML and JSON configuration files and get onboarded to KonfDB where you can access and change your application configuration from almost anywhere with no effort.

KonfDB uses an efficient data model that can be modelled and used as per your application needs. Be it an enterprise application or your hobby application, you can now use KonfDB data model and APIs to access tenant-specific configuration with no effort. So development teams can now focus on the core development without having to worry about some of the aspects such as proprietory configuration file formats, horrors of maintaining multiple XML or JSON files, inability to change configuration without re-deployments and alike.

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CInject (or CodeInject) allows code injection into any managed assembly without disassembling and recompiling it. It eases the inevitable task of injecting any code in single or multiple methods in one or many assemblies to intercept code for almost any purpose.

When using CInject, you do not require any knowledge of the target application. You can create your own injectors very easily and inject them in any target assembly/executable. An example is provided with this application.

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dI.Hook (pronounced as, du’ hʊk) is a Hook Repository Framework that allows making a component run-time rather than compile time.  It internally uses Dependency Injection pattern principles to define hooks via code or configuration, call them dynamically or conditionally and dispose them when not required.  However, this is not yet another dependency injection framework.

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Workflow Extractor

WFE extracts rules from Windows Workflow rules files or assemblies and converts the rules into C# and VB.NET class files.  It can also generate Word documents using another Open-Source library DocX.  This was earlier developed on .NET 3.0 framework but recently upgraded to .NET 4.0 to fasten the process of rules extraction.

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