All applications that are listed here can be accessed online either through Windows Phone store or other S/W stores like Softpedia, BrotherSoft and others.  Applications purchase through Windows Phone store can be accessed only on Windows Phone devices.  They are designed for devices with a phone-based resolution and not for phablets / tablets.  All these applications and software have their terms and conditions.  Please make sure you read and agree to the terms and conditions before use.

Windows Store & Windows Phone Applications

SplitUpload allows you to upload large files to OneDrive from your Windows & Windows Phone devices.  You can now split the files into smaller chunks and upload them without having to worry about size limitations of OneDrive.  This application is quick and easy way to upload or download split files.

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Windows Phone Applications

moneyManager Pro

moneyManager Pro, is the full-version of most widely used & trusted personal finance moneyManager, that allows controlling
and tracking inflows, outflows and money transfers, customize and view reports on both Windows Phone and your PC in Excel, PDF and CSV formats.

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Balloon Burst

Balloon Burst is an addictive game of speed and trick. Burst the balloons before they deflate and earn points. These balloons can bounce, rotate, or dance making it difficult to burst. Beware of the black balloons that target to kill your time. Enjoy this incredibly fun game with 24 different levels, sound effects, and graphics.

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moneyManager, one of the most widely used personal finance application on Windows Phone, allows controlling and tracking inflows and outflows, customize and view reports and compare monthly expenditure, protect with a password in a few clicks.

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Conf In!

Conf In! allows you to add your conference numbers & codes and be able to call them with just one button press. Join in conferences even when you are driving your car or having food with just ONE tap! Anywhere, anytime this application is your another hands-free dialler! Free of your mind from remembering long numbers, PINs and authorization codes

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IDD Dialer

IDD Dialer eases your task of dialing international codes provided by your cellular operator to dial all international numbers at discounted rates. You don't need to modify your contacts or manually type IDD Code. This application will take care of this!

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Doodle app for your kids! Kids Doodle is a very addictive & the only painting application for kids in MarketPlace. The application is designed to be simple for kids so that they can freely doodle with their fingers. Doodle on any color of canvas or photo and save them in your gallery. You can then upload or email your doodles from gallery

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Tuned with technology developerChannel is an application on Windows Phone that keeps you updated with developer world through feeds. The user can customize the feeds from an extensive catalog that contains feeds such as

  • Visual C# Headlines
  • Patterns and Practices
  • Channel 9
  • MSDN Magazine
  • Silverlight
  • Visual Studio
  • XNA
  • CodePlex

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A Word A Day

A Word A Day is an application on Windows Phone that brings to you a new word every day.  The application can be downloaded from Windows MarketPlace or Zune.

Windows Applications


myTracker is a time-tracking application.  The inevitable, effort-driven process of tracking time and analyzing is eased by this small-memory-footprint application.  The application generates reports in Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) format and provides pie charts and bar graphs depicting time usage, utilization.

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Open Source Frameworks

This section requires more lime-light and attention for Open Source geeks and FLOSS advocates, hence shifted to a new page. Click here



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