Upload large files to OneDrive with ease. Even files as big as 2GB. SplitUpload allows you to split large files and upload them to your OneDrive space as SplitUpload packages. You can define the split size and click on one button to do the split and upload for you. The SplitUpload package can be reopened using the same application to reassemble the split file(s) back to a single file.

This application is available in both Windows Store (for Windows 8.1 tablets, desktops, Surface and other devices) and on Windows Phone 8.1 (all resolutions)

You download the applications using following links

SplitUpload application will require OneDrive connectivity and your permission to access the files and create new ones.

Windows Phone Application Screenshots”

SplitUpload-WindowsPhone (2) SplitUpload-WindowsPhone (3) SplitUpload-WindowsPhone (1)

Windows Store Application Screenshots”

SplitUpload-WindowsStore (1) SplitUpload-WindowsStore (2) SplitUpload-WindowsStore (3) SplitUpload-WindowsStore (4)


Do I need to constantly monitor the upload or download?
No.  Once the splits of the large file have been created, you can switch back to another work.  SplitUpload will automatically upload the files in background

Can I access the SplitUpload files from web?
Yes.  However, these files can be reassembled using SplitUpload only on any Windows or Windows Phone device

Which file do I need to download to get the other files? SplitUpload will create split files and a package file (.supkg).  When you download and open .supkg on a Windows or Windows Phone device, SplitUpload will automatically retrieve the other files.

Sharing of SplitUpload files - is that allowed? Yes indeed.  You need to share the entire folder in which supkg and splits exists.  The party with whom you have shared the files can open using SplitUpload on any Windows or Windows Phone device

Can I define my own split size?
Yes.  Once you select the file, you will shown another option to Change the Default split size.  You can select any split size of each file.

Any limitation on size of split file?
Yes.  OneDrive does not allow uploading files larger than 2GB.  So the per file split size should not exceed 2GB. SplitUpload will prevent you from choosing size larger than 2GB.

Are there any costs or in-app purchases required?
No.  SplitUpload application has no costs and in-app purchases

Do you store any personal information?